Church 1953


The hardy Scot-Irish settlers living near the North Fork of the Roanoke River, after 100 years of itinerant preachers and meetings in local homes and a schoolhouse, petitioned the Blacksburg Presbyterian Church to have a church building constructed on land donated by William Lewis.  The construction started in November of 1877 and was completed in early 1879.

Church SignThe first meeting of the Sunday school was held in the new building on April 6, 1879 with 19 members attending.  Two attempts were made to establish a church organization.  The Montgomery Presbytery approved the second attempt on September 12, 1889.  Thirty-two members of the Blacksburg Presbyterian Church were transferred to the new church. For many years the minister of the Blacksburg Presbyterian Church served both churches. Originally the white-framed church was known as the North Fork Church or The White Church.  The name was officially changed to the Roanoke Valley Presbyterian Church in 1895.

The church building has undergone several changes over the past 130 years — from two front doors to a single center entrance; from an unadorned front to a beautiful steeple; from a potbellied stove in the center of the sanctuary to a heat pump; from oil lamps on wall hangers to electricity; from only a sanctuary to a large library/session room with a full basement including a kitchen and restrooms.  Roanoke Valley Presbyterian Church has continuously held worship services in the original sanctuary.  The members have stayed the course of serving the Lord in times of adversity.