Guest Pastors

Christ is the center of His church

“Times may change, challenges may change, but God is the same forever and His call to mission remains the same. Go and tell that Jesus Christ lives today and do it with Love. In so doing the good news story will continue for now and the future.”
-Ed DeBerry, Commissioned Ruling Elder

New Testament examples show us that in the early days churches were led by a multiple of elders, pastors and ministers who were equal in authority but specialized in function. (Acts 14:23, Acts 20:17, Titus 1:5, James 5:14 and  lst Peter 5:1).

Roanoke Valley Presbyterian Church has been operating in this way for several years. We are seeking a full-time pastor; in the interim, we have the Word of the Lord delivered on Sundays by visiting elders, pastors, and ministers. They rely on the Holy Spirit to lead them in both scripture lessons and messages that address personal salvation and concerns of our people in the world today.

December 22, Wed. 7:00 p.m.                                  Christmas Service at McDonald  Mill


December 27                                                                                                   Rev. Don McKinney


January 3                                                                                                        Rev. Steve McMurray


January 10:                                                                                                    Rev. Graham Mitchell


January 17:                                                                                                     Rev. Don McKinney


January 24                 Install Elders                                                               Rev. Kathy Carpenter


January 31                                                                                                      Rev. Graham Mitchell