The Little Valley Church

Church-Cows 1

There’s a little white church

By a winding valley road;

Where for more than a century

The Gospel has been told.


Through the years it has stood,

‘neath God’s watchful eye,

A-mid green rolling farmland

With a stream flowing by.


Gone are it’s founders

Leaving a task for those still there:

To continue with His work

In steadfast love and prayer;


Gone is the pot-bellied stove;

Winter morning stoked with coal,

But a glowing warmth still lingers

In the members on the roll.


The choir is small in number,

To entertain is not their goal;

But to sing praises to the Lord

That lifts both heart and soul.


It was built with no steeple

And a very simple in design,

But this little country church

Has passed the test of time.


And to all on Life’s winding road

Who endlessly seem to search

The doors are always open

At the little valley church.


Charles Church, 1984